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carte grise préfecture

Vehicle laws

Registration documents and numbers

When you import a car into France or obtain a replacement or second-hand car, it should be registered at the préfecture or sous-préfecture within the department wherever you’re resident inside fifteen days.

In Paris, the registration is finished by the préfecture First State police or the government building ( mairie) of your arrondissement. If you import a car, you want to get customs clearance and have it inspected by the DRIRE before it is registered.

Registration Document

A vehicle registration document is understood as a ‘grey card’ ( cartegrise). Sans permis vehicles have a mini-carte grise, however the registration procedure is otherwise an equivalent like normal cars. It should be applied for personally at your native préfecture. (The government intends to create it potential to get a registration document by post or on-line, therefore depriving several folks of the thrill of queuing for hours to urge one.) Since June 2004, cartesgrises have incorporated a tear-off portion, that should be completed by the seller.

You must gift this and also the sales certificate ( certificat First State vente), certificat First State non-gage and certificat First State non-opposition that you simply received from the seller, technical scrutiny certificate, if applicable, and a photocopy of your menu First State séjour or passport and complete a registration request kind ( First Statemande de certificatd’immatriculation), offered in some cases from your mairie orhôtel First State ville.

If you progress to a replacement address within the same department, you want to presently inform your préfecture of your modification of address. However, if you progress to a special department, you want to re-register your car with the new préfecture inside 3 months. You’re suggested to try and do this as presently as potential, as cars registered in another department area unit prime targets for thieves and vandals. you want to gift the tear-off portion of your registration document, your menu First State séjour (if applicable) and proof of residence; you will even be asked for a certificat First State résidenceobtainable from your native government building. The fee for a revised registration document is €33.

EU legislation dictates that this method was as a result of finish in June 2006, once a national or ‘personalised’ enumeration system was to get rid of this necessity and a car would retain an equivalent identification number always, however in August 2006 the French were generally still discussing the implementation of this law (i.e. procrastinating). after you receive a registration document with a replacement identification number, e.g. once importation a car or moving to a replacement department, you want to match new registration plates inside forty eight hours.

If a lady marries and changes her name, it’s unneeded for her to alter her registration document. If you lose your registration document or have it taken, you want to report it to the police, WHO can issue you with a certificate permitting you to get a replacement from the préfecture.

The fee for a registration document varies in step with the dimensions of a vehicle’s engine, in step with a scale of ‘fiscal horsepower’ ( chevauxfiscaux), that isn’t an equivalent because the actual power unit ( chevaux DIN) created by the engine, and fee scales vary with the region; as an example, they’re up to fifty per cent higher in Paris than within the provinces.

Current fees for a car but 10 years previous area unit between €150 and €250 for a 5hp car (approximately like a one,200cc gas engine or a one,400cc diesel engine), €180 to €280 for 6hp (1,400/1,600cc) and €210 to €325 for 7hp (1,700/2,000cc), though the govt. plans to extend fees by the maximum amount as one hundred per cent for 4x4s and different gas-guzzling vehicles and in January two hundred6 introduced a surcharge of €2 per gram of greenhouse emission higher than 200 per kilometer cosmopolitan and €4 per gram higher than 250g. For a car over 10 years previous, fees area unit roughly 0.5 the higher than.

Registration range

Currently, the last 2 digits of a car’s identification number ( numérod’immatriculation) correspond to the quantity of the department wherever it’s registered, e.g. sixty two for Pas-de-Calais. (Personalised numbers don’t exist, though it’s potential to get a form of individualized range by requesting variety that starts with a selected digit or sequence of digits and waiting till it becomes offered.)

The other numbers and letters haven't any significance however offer a sign of the age of a vehicle (unless it's been re-registered), as letters and numbers area unit issued in sequence (e.g. 1234 XH sixty two is associate older range than 1234 XK 62). However, range plates area unit set to alter in 2006, once the initial department range is to disappear in favour of a 2 letters/three figures/two letters format. Letters and numbers are larger, and plates can have an area on the proper for a division or different distinctive brand. As usual, however, the French area unit conducting endless discussions on the most effective system.

Plates area unit created on the spot by supermarkets and ironmongers ( quincaillerie) on production of your registration document (the value is around €25 per pair). The white plate goes at the front and also the yellow one at the rear.

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